This is a legal alert from the Aronson law firm in Fairlawn, Ohio. if you or a loved one has been injured or involved in a serious or fatal traffic accident, you must take action. Recent changes in Ohio law regarding insurance coverage can affect your ability to get a payment. Immediate action is necessary. Insurance companies will avoid paying you even when you are legally entitled to receive payment in a serious accident. Call the experienced injury attorneys at the Aronson law firm.  They will help you get the money to help you with the medical bills, therapy, time off work, pain and suffering, car repair and more. The Aronson law firm works only for you, not the insurance industry. Call today 330-836-5500 or visit their website at  This legal advisory has been brought to you by the Aronson law firm 330-836-5500.


The city of Fairlawn is a suburb of Akron in Summit County.